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Tech Websites In Nepal

Daily technology is invented and upgraded in world. Not only Smartphones, Laptops but other devices is also directly / indirectly collaborate with technology. Mobile turns to smartphones, switch coverts to smart switch likewise other devices also converted to smart devices.

Tech News Sites

In Nepal this tech sites is increase day by day as like in international. Here are list of top tech sites of Nepal which you should check daily to know more about latest gadget in Nepal, reviews of gadgets, giveaways and so on. Comment unlisted tech sites.

Top Tech Sites In Nepal

 1. GadgetbyteNepal :

GadgetbyteNepal is most viewed tech website in Nepal. Being a first and leading  tech review news sites of Nepal it also provide tech guides & buy guides, tips, deal and exclusive offers. They also reviews about Apps, Software, Cameras , gaming console, smartphone accessories  and so on. 


ICT Samachar is a Nepali based tech-centric media company which covers varied number of sectors including news, opinions, stories and tips to aware people in the field of information and communication technology.

3. TechPana :

TechPana is a Tech centric media company founded by aspiring group of journalists. It aims to strengthen Technology awareness among Nepali through mostly spoken Language-Nepali and covers wide range of Tech issues across the globe and promotes Nepali Tech

4. TechLekh :

TechLekh is Nepal’s leading technological media that focuses on startups. They are a proud to be a group that aims at representing the ideas and innovation that come into the Nepali market. They provide a one-stop-shop in-depth information about the activities that happen throughout Nepal.

TechLekh features innovating Nepali Startups, products, events along with interviews, which are changing the landscape of Nepalese Technology. They review various Nepali applications, products, software and services that are creating an impact on Nepalese society.

5. Technology Khabar is a news site dedicated to write news and information related to science and technology, telecommunications, ICTs, mobile phones, tablets, apps, PCs, camera, accessories, OS, etc. It writes about policy making, new product launches, features, comparisons, reviews, latest prices, latest trends, market share, company expansion plans, gossip, rumors, conjecture, opinions, and commentary etc in Nepali Language.

6. Tech Sathi

Nepal’s #1 Tech News Portal covering everything about Technology, Gadgets, Start-ups, Entrepreneurship, and all sorts of technology-related analyses and activities.

7. GadgetInNepal :

Their mission is to provide right information about smartphones and gadgets available in Nepal for Nepali consumers.

8. Delta Digit :

Delta Digit is a media and news website providing latest, trending information on important events, science, physics, new gadgets, smartphones, laptops, software and engineering.

9. E-Nepsters :

Started since 2014, E-Nepsters has been teaming up to provide you the tips and tricks as well as how-to and gadget reviews. Their aim at delivering up-to-date information on whats trending and not trending. The news we are providing is increasing a lot of enthusiasm to those who are interested as well as start-ups in technology and gadgets.

10. KTM Bytes

KTMbytes is a home to bloggers, readers and writers of any faculty. They pursue to become an open online publishing platform for writers and thinkers. Here to harness the power of social journalism KTMbytes aims to provide a platform for professionals to bring forth their ideas as a blog, Article or videos.

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