Nagarik App : Government Service in App

Nagarik an residence of country having document of government issued in their own name.

Nagarik App an application which collect data of any Nagarik or Citizen from different government office in app and send to citizen in their app.

Nagarik App

How To Start Nagarik App ?

How To Signup Nagarik App ?

What Are The Benefits Of Nagarik App ?

1. PAN Number :
You can directly apply for your own PAN ( Permanent Account Number ) which will made in just few clicks. If you have already pan number then you just enter your pan number their it will automatically show it.

2. Police Clearance Report :
You can get police clearance report via Nagarik App online and download able on your devices too. It take 2/3 days for getting report .

3. Educational Certificates :
Now, only S.L.C or S.E.E and +2 certificate is available but soon university level certificates also be their.

4. Malpot :
You can check your land details via Nagarik App.

5. Social Security Fund

6. Citizen Investment Trust

7. Health Insurance :
If you have Health Insurance then you can view it on Nagarik App.

8. Provident Form

9. Complain :
You can complain any government office from Nagarik App.

10. Vehicle Tax :
Now only Bagmati Province or Province No 3 Register Vehicle can pay tax from Nagarik App. All kind of Vehicle are listed on app.

11. Lok Sewa :
You can get advertisement of Lok Sewa from this service .

12. Passport :
If you have passport you can fill the passport number & expiry date.

13. DOFE :
Passport is needed for this.

14. FOREX :
Foreign Exchange is updated daily .

15. Weather Forecast :
Weather Forecast is updated daily.

16. COVID Related Information :
At this option you can see covid update.

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