Janai Purnima ( Raksha Bandhan )

Initial Date Of Post : 2018/08/25

Janai Purnima  also called Rakshya Bandhan Celebrate by Hindus,Which falls On Month of Shrawan / Bhadra ( July/August ).On this auspicious day Hindus Brahmins and Chhetris who have done Bratabandha bath in sacred river like bagmati,vihnumati,narayani and changes their Janai. Janai is a sacred cotton strings worn across in chest. People believe that sacred cotton strings protect from danger in coming days. 

Raksha Bandhan is a scared colorful thread which is tie in right wrist which signifies good wishes for family for protections and bliss.

People eat Kwati in Janai Purnima which is mixed of nine varities of beans soaked  on water before purnima so there is spout in beans which is healthy nutritious food prepared and eaten by family members. 

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