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 Dashain also called as Bada Dashain or Vijaya Dashami which is largest & longest auspicious festival of Nepal which is celebrated by Hindus . This festival falls on month of Ashoj / Karthik (September / October). Duration of this festival is 15 days. Stating from Ghatasthapana an ends as Kojagrat Purnima.

On the first day of dashain known as Ghatasthapana people plant the corn seeds in moist sand which is called Jamara. Jamara is a yellow grass which is used in a day of Vijaya Dashami with Tika to bless people for lots of prosperity and happiness.
From the first day of dashain (Ghatasthapana) to six days of dashain have normal rituals.

Seventh day of dashain call Saptami called Fulpati. On this auspicious day of Fulpati the special essence of dashain begin.On this day people clean and decorate heir house with flowers.
The eighth day of dashain called Maha Ashtami , On this day people sacrificed animal like goat,buffalo,sheep and even hens on almost every temple of goddess.
The ninth day ko dashain called Maha Nawami,On this day Taleju Temple of Basantapur open for general people once in a year.Devotees goes to goddess temple and worship.

                 The tenth day of dashain called Vijaya Dashami or Tika.This day is most important day of dashain festivals. On this day goddess durga won over demon Mahishasura and Ram won over demon Ravan.

 On this auspicious day Nepalese Hindus put Tika on their forehead with Jamara by elder with blessing.

During Dashain and Tihar People Play Swing ( पिङ ) as shown in figure.Everyone should play Swing During Dashain especially on Tika day.

Here Is Sanskrit Blessing Hymns Used While Putting Tika On Vijaya Dashami:
For Males:

आयुर द्रोण सुते श्रेयम दशरथे ,
 सत्रुक क्षेयम रघवे,ऐश्र्वर्यम नहुशे ,
 गतिस्च पवने, मानन्च दुर्योधने,
सौर्यम शान्त नवे, बलम हलधरे
, सत्यस्च कुन्तीसुतेबिज्ञ।न बिदुरे,
 भवन्तु भबताम, किर्तिस्च नारायणे!

Foe Females: 
ॐ जयन्ती मङ्गला काली भद्रकाली कपालिनी ।
दुर्गा क्ष्यमा शिवा धात्री  स्वहा स्वधा  नमोस्तु ते ।।

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