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Clubhouse is an app where you can join by inviting or nominating based app. In this app you can only listen & speak or communicate on audio form only. But you can enter in such room where you’re interested to communicate with experts of that sector or you can also advice others to. There are lots of Club where you can interact with each others in every topics like Current Affairs , Music , Stock Market , Crypto , Social media marketing , Digital Marketing and so on.

Clubhouse launch in March 2020 on iOS and in May on Android. This app is still on beta version but they have millions of download. Paul Davison and Rohan Seth of Alpha Exploration Co have created this app.

The reason behind clubhouse is trending because everyone who joined highly engage on this app. People having fun using this app with their friends and followers. Everyone get every topic to enter or join and listening experts , asking questions to experts and yeah advice to others also. It benefits both listener or Speaker in their working sector. The more you communicate the more you know, you’ll do own research on internet on that topic too .Even musician performs live sessions to their fans or followers which is also one reasong of its trending.

At last in this lockdown the users are gradually increase in south Asian country like India & Nepal. The another reason is its android version which is launch few weeks cause there are ore than 3 billions android user now according to Google.

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