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Youtube Tightness The Rules For Creator Ad Monetization

Youtube is video sharing platform where anyone can upload video founded at February 14,2005 situated at San Mateo , California,United States.  According to youtube new rules for creator ad monetization at 16,January,2018  “to qualify for the YouTube Partner Program channels must now have 1,000 subscribers and have accumulated at least 4,000 hours of watch time in the past 12 months. Youtube […]

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१६ Body bone Enzyme Gland Human Being pepsin Sumit Sumit Dhakal Tips Unknown अंग तथ्य मानव शरीर शरीरको शरीरमा

मानव शरिरको १६ तथ्य

हामी  सबै लाई  हाम्रो शरीर  बारे  थाहा हुन सक्दैन कुन अंग  कहाँ हुन्छ वा कुन अंग ले के काम गर्छ  हामी लाइ थाहै हुनु पर्ने केहि तथ्य याहाँ प्रसुत  गरिएको छ :- १] मानव शरीर २०६ वटा  हडी हुन्छन।  २] आँखामा  ४२ ओटा  माँशपेशिले काम गर्छ।   ३] मानव शरीरमा १३ किसिमका  खनिग पाईछ।  ४] बयस्क मानिसको […]

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Blog Blogger Investigation Nepal Pneumonia Sumit Dhakal Treatment


Pneumonia Pneumonia is acute inflammation of pulmonary parenchyma (parts of lungs involved in gas transfer) Classification Of Pneumonia •Community acquired pneumonia is in community•Health care : nursing home, dialysis center, chemotherapy •Hospital :- Hospital acquired pneumonia is acquired in hospital.If 48-72 hours Pneumonia patient is admission in hospital then it’s acquired in hospital•Post operative pneumonia•Aspiration […]

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