Blockchain is an digital distributed ledger transaction DLT which is shared , immutable , decentralized & store any types of data in block which formed chains of block and its technology called blockchain technology.

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We can track any kind of data which may be tangible or intangible. Data are collected on each blocks and in every transaction its formed another blocks which are finally in chain formats. Blockchain is the fasted and accurate on each transactions.

Cryptocurrency transactions are on blockchain formats which creates blocks in each transactions and each blocks connected with in chains. Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency which is crated by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Non-fungible tokens NFTs ownership and Decentralized finance DeFi are also recorded in blockchain.

Art, GIFs, Avatar are some example of NFTs. NFTs are created on digitally and sell via an digital wallet which accepts cryptocurrencies .

Trust is an biggest benefits of blockchain including security , efficiency. Blockchains is used in banking , cryptocurrencies , Voting ,Smart Contracts, Asset Transfers and so on.

We can accurately transactions 24/7 without intermediators via blockchain technology .

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