Advertise helps to promote your business,so your business will grown.Now lets talks about your benefits doing advertise with us.We write post directly concern to people of every age,every status it help your advertise will seen by everyone which helps your business.We accept every advertising company related with technology,medicine,music company,movie production,movie ,any entertainment item,sports item,concert , shows and so on.Whatever your campaign objectives we have opportunities to help. We aim to partner with advertisers to ensure that advertising is relevant to our audience and that campaign objectives are achieved or exceeded and that all data/ KPIs are measured and acted on.

Advertising on Sumit Dhakal is easy and effective – display advertising can be geo-targeted (based on IP). There are several advertising units on each page – above and below the fold. We offer a wide range of advertising unit options – from standard IAB sizes to rising star units, half page units and various non-standard sizes. GIF, SWF, rich media, video and expandable units are all accepted. The site automatically adjusts layout and ad units to suit the device being used to view it, so we are also able to offer desktop or mobile only campaigns.Technical specifications – we haven’t yet come across an ad unit we can’t serve! However we don’t accept pop ups/unders, interstices , floating, in-text or intrusive advertising. As we have no video content video pre/mid/post-roll (without a player and content) is unavailable. Expandable/rich media units must be user initiated with a polite load

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Please contact the Sumit Dhakal Advertising Team by using  Our Contact Form.Our page provides further information on our company and editorial policy. You can also find out more by connect with us on social site.

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