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The Voice Of Nepal

The Voice Of Nepal Season 2

The Voice of Nepal is the local adaptation of the mega international franchise singing reality shows “THE VOICE”.ANC Event Management Pvt. Ltd. is the license holder for the Nepali version of The Voice. The Voice was started from Holland and currently has its wings spread over 192 countries . ANC has that dream team which aims to produce the best Television show for the country.Season 1 Of The Voice Of Nepal Already Started Watch Here : 

Ashtami auspicious Bada Dashain bless Dashain Festival Of Nepal Ghatasthapana Goddess Durga hindus hymns Jamara Maha Nawami Ping sanskrit Saptami Swing Tika Vijaya Dashami पिङ


Dashain also called as Bada Dashain or Vijaya Dashami which is largest & longest auspicious festival of Nepal which is celebrated by Hindus . This festival falls on month of Ashoj / Karthik (September / October). Duration of this festival is 15 days. Stating from Ghatasthapana an ends as Kojagrat Purnima.

Inline Records New Release Nepali Unplugged Unplugged Sessions

Unplugged Sessions

Inline Creations Records Presents Unplugged Sessions Is An Sessions Of  Unplugged Song by Different Artist Perform In Studio.This Unplugged Sessions Sponsored By: Coffee, Tea & Me Co-Sponsored By: Falfull. Official Media Partner:,, New Release Nepali , Radio Sadvab 91.2 (Nepalgunj) Official Partner: Emerald Entertainment/Shike’s Studio .    Personally I’m Associated With This Unplugged Sessions Being CEO […]

Ad Channels Creator Monetization Sumit Dhakal Video Youtube Youtube Partner program YPP

Youtube Tightness The Rules For Creator Ad Monetization

Youtube is video sharing platform where anyone can upload video founded at February 14,2005 situated at San Mateo , California,United States.    According to youtube new rules for creator ad monetization at 16,January,2018  “to qualify for the YouTube Partner Program channels must now have 1,000 subscribers and have accumulated at least 4,000 hours of watch time in the past 12 […]

Blog Blogger Investigation Nepal Pneumonia Sumit Dhakal Treatment


Pneumonia is acute inflammation of pulmonary parenchyma (parts of lungs involved in gas transfer) Classification Of Pneumonia •Community acquired pneumonia is in community•Health care : nursing home, dialysis center, chemotherapy•Hospital :- Hospital acquired pneumonia is acquired in hospital.If 48-72 hours Pneumonia patient is admission in hospital then it’s acquired in hospital•Post operative pneumonia•Aspiration Pneumonia•Bronchopneumonia ( […]